Welcome to Creekbottom Whitetail Outfitters where we offer
the best resources available for your Missouri deer hunts. We
are located in prime whitetail country in northwest Missouri
near the Missouri / Iowa boarder. This area boasts amazing
whitetail hunting opportunities in a sparsely populated,
agriculturally rich setting, perfect for anyone looking for great
Missouri deer hunts. The landscape is diverse, consisting of
rolling hills, oak ridges, wooded draws, pastures, and numerous
corn and soybean fields, with creek bottoms running

It is no secret that northwest Missouri is becoming famous for
producing some of the largest free-ranging whitetail deer in
the country.  This can be attributed not only to the vast area
of prime whitetail habitat and readily available food sources,
but also to the continuing wildlife management initiatives by
both the Missouri Conservation Department and landowners.
Missouri has implemented a
point restriction system for a
number of years.  Bucks harvested must have at least 4 points
on one side.

Creekbottom Whitetail Outfitters is owned and operated by
experienced whitetail enthusiasts.  As avid outdoorsmen and
conservationists ourselves, we strive to give each hunter the
best possible opportunity to harvest a trophy whitetail.  We
believe in keeping hunting pressure low.  We do not overbook!
Therefore, we offer only a limited number of hunts.  Our
whitetail hunts are days.  Turkey hunts may be 3 or 5
Deer Hunts and Turkey Hunts
Creekbottom Whitetails
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